Tigalda Island, Krenitzin Islands

Tigalda Island, Krenitzin Islands

by | Jan 9, 2019

Tigalda Island is located 23 miles (37 km) east of Akutan, in the Krenitzin Islands of the Eastern Aleutians, Alaska. The name was derived from the Aleut “Tigalga” or “Kagalga” and first published on a chart in 1836. Tigalda is uninhabited today, but in 1833, Father Veniaminov reported an Aleut village with 91 people.

The Krenitzin Islands are part of the Fox Islands and include Aiktak, Avatanak, Derbin, Kaligagan, Rootok, Round, Tigalda, and Ugamak Islands. All these islands are managed as part of the Aleutian Islands Unit of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. They were probably named by Captain Tebenkov of the Imperial Russian Navy for Captain Peter Kuzmich Krenitzin who explored and mapped over 30 islands in the Aleutians in 1768-1769.

These islands were first visited by Europeans in 1741, when the Danish navigator Vitus Bering, employed by the Imperial Russian Navy, was searching for new sources of fur for Russian fur trappers. Foggy almost all year round, the islands are difficult to navigate due to constantly adverse weather, numerous reefs, and as with the other Aleutian Islands, this area is prone to frequent earthquakes and tsunamis. Read more here and here. Explore more of Tigalda and the Krenitzin Islands here:

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