Brim River, Owyacumish Bay

Brim River, Owyacumish Bay

by | May 19, 2019

The Brim River flows into Owyacumish Bay in the North Coast region of British Columbia. The river is located at the west end of the Barrie Reach on the north side of Gardner Canal, approximately 9 miles (15 km) west of Kemano Bay and about 43 miles (70 km) southeast of Kitamaat Village. Kitamaat Village and the city of Kitimat are the nearest communities. At the mouth of the Brim River is the Brim River Hot Springs Protected Area, which features an undeveloped hot spring and pristine old-growth forests. The park is 500 acres (202 ha) of backcountry wilderness and has no visitor facilities.

The name Brim River is thought to have been conferred by Captain Pender of the Royal Navy, though the reason for the name is unknown. The Haisla name for the river is Uyagemis, meaning ‘facing west’. The Brim River and nearby Owyacumish River are in the stewardship area of the Haisla Blackfish clan.

The Brim River Hot Springs Protected Area and the adjoining Owyacumish River Provincial Park epitomize the rugged terrain and spectacular scenery of the British Columbia north coast. The rivers flow through narrow valleys with steep, bare rock walls interspersed with numerous waterfalls, all of which are surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Kitimat Range. The remoteness and pristine condition of the area, combined with the estuarine interface, ensure high-value habitat that is valuable for diverse wildlife species. Read more here and here. Explore more of Brim River here:

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