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Why CoastView?

Because everyplace with a name has a story to tell.

The goal of CoastView is to provide a moment of appreciation for the magnificent Pacific coastline of North America and to leave a lasting impression. CoastView provides curated pictures and stories about beautiful and interesting places along the coast to help you explore. Click here to Go Exploring.

Our library has over a half-million images from California to the Alaskan Arctic. Don’t miss the daily Featured Articles that highlight stunning close-up pictures and tell stories about interesting places along the coast. Each story has links to more in-depth articles. Use the Map Explorer or the CoastView iOS app to explore more of the same area and keep track of where you are with an interactive map. Now you can sightsee along the coast – whether you are just planning a trip or traveling by car, bike, boat or airplane, or just “virtually” from a comfy chair at home.


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