Dr. Carl Schoch

I am a coastal scientist with a Ph.D. in oceanography. My interests are in nearshore ecosystems and how they change over time. I am one of the developers of the ShoreZone coastal imaging and habitat mapping program. My experience with the west coast of North America is mostly from professional and recreational adventures. I was a commercial salvage diver in Puget Sound and the captain of a research vessel in Alaska. I have cycled the entire coastline of Washington, Oregon, and California twice. As a scientist, my work involves over 30 years of research along the coasts of Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California. From these experiences I know that most of the coast is difficult to see, from the roads because the shoreline is often obscured by buildings and vegetation, and from a boat because it’s often dangerous to get close to shore. The pictures in CoastView are mostly from the ShoreZone program, and the stories are based on places of interest learned from these cumulative experiences.

Mario Pilz

I am a software architect and developer with a curious mind. I got bit by the entrepreneur bug 10 years ago, after completing my MBA and my MS in computer science. This background helps me to pursue my passion: building things that do things, from business to technology and software to hardware. On a personal note, I fell in love with the French language, people, and food during my studies in Paris – going from zero to hero in French conversation skills in a year. I like listening to the 8-bit music of the video game consoles from the 80s. I live in Berlin, Germany.